June Valet Brands



Mude is a range of sparkling, healthy functional plant-based beverages, crafted with botanicals & adaptogens, brewed to refresh your mood at any time of the day! In addition to curating your mood, each drink is vegan, Non-GMO, certified, Carbon Neutral, low in sugar with less than 6g per can, and only 40 calories. Mude is part of The Naked Collective, a carbon-neutral beverage wellness company, who aims to change the world one drink at a time.

weird tea


HUZZAH is the low sugar seltzer drink that packs probiotics in every can. With 3 great tasting flavors, each sip is fizzy, perfectly refreshing, and pairs well with any meal, dessert, or outing. Plus, it’s designed with your gut health in mind. It’s more than just that wonderful “ahh” feeling. It’s HUZZAH!



Iwon has put a positive, feel-good vibe into making flavor-infused, organic, protein snacks. The balanced nutritional profile of our on-the-go snacks comes from high-quality plant-based proteins like peas, beans, and brown rice. All proven to provide the fuel you need for your active lifestyle.


Chiki Chiki Boom Boom

Chiki is a sustainability based beverage company, driven by regeneration and social impact. It is an organic plant-based super punch, made of botanicals + mountain alkaline water, that supports hydration, gut health & immunity. It is an ancient antioxidant recipe that is bottled at the source in Ecuador, where it is viewed as the fountain of youth.



is LA’s next superfood brand. Xicama is a first-to-market food and beverage company focusing on the immune-boosting, prebiotic, and healing powers of the root vegetable Jicama. Xicama first offering are three delicious prebiotic sparkling beverages. Xicama mission is evoke a stronger sense of science and fun, while broadening understanding that gut health is a key driver to overall health and well-being.



Nuzest is a company with a vision — a planet thriving on plant-based nutrition; founded by a father who, when his daughter was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, turned to nutrition for answers. Nuzest's products are crafted by experts with a singular goal in mind — “to make a difference to people’s lives” - by creating the best formulas with the best possible ingredients that taste awesome!


Phat Foods

Phat Foods truly believes that proper nutrition is foundational to health and happiness. A rare mix of indulgent, nourishing, and dangerously delicious – without all the unnecessary carbs, sugar, and other junk. Allow our as-good-as homemade, nutrient-dense foods to fuel life’s biggest adventures and daily accomplishments.

day one

Day One

On day one, everything is in balance — and Day One Sparkling CBD Water was designed to get you back to that place. Delivering 20 mg of CBD in a sparkling water flavored from real fruit juice, Day One is holistic refreshment within reach. To get back to your best, treat yourself to a Day One.