September Valet Brands



Zero sugar doesn’t have to mean boring. Swoon has recreated the drinks you grew up loving by substituting sugar with monk fruit, without sacrificing flavor or sweetness. So go on, have another!


Ancient Minerals

Whether seeking to ease your body or your mind, infuse your skin with Ancient Minerals' superior topical magnesium. We offer a convenient range of oils, lotions, bath salts, and gels for you to naturally restore this essential nutrient on a cellular level. Ancient Minerals is the Original, Ultra-Pure Topical Magnesium brand, free of harmful ingredients, synthetic fragrances, and trusted worldwide.


True North

Constantly on the go and thirsty for your next adventure, you need a refreshing boost to guide you in the right direction. True North Energy Seltzer delivers all-natural hydration fueled by nature and inspired by the way you live life.True North Energy Seltzer fuels you with a clean, plant-based organic energy blend, enhanced immunity support and ZERO sugar, calories or artificial sweeteners or colors. It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey — and how you get there matters. True North is energy for the journey!

smart sweets


Dune is a female-founded brand dedicated to providing a beverage that promotes your most radiant self. With Dune, we created a spa in a drink by packing superfoods and antioxidants into each bottle, so you get sophisticated flavor formulas that promote a glow from within. Each drink has been carefully produced with all-natural ingredients like aloe vera and adaptogens to promote hydration, relaxation, and immune health to nourish your skin and make you feel good.



All Chomps meat sticks are made from grass-fed and finished beef and venison and free-range turkey with no hormones or antibiotics. Chomps never contain added sugar, soy, dairy, artificial preservatives or colors, MSG, fillers, binders or artificial nitrates or nitrites. Additionally, Chomps is the only meat snack that is Whole30 Approved, Certified Gluten-Free, Certified Paleo, Keto Certified, Non-GMO Project Verified and Allergy-Friendly.


Something & Nothing

Refreshingly different natural seltzers — Yuzu, Hibiscus & Rose and Cucumber — made with the highest quality natural ingredients, vegan and like nothing else you’ve tasted. Inspired by our experiences of eating and drinking around the world.