May 18, 2013
Time to Give Raw Foods a Try image

Though it’s been around for over a century, the raw food movement is now exploding. In California in particular, raw foods are extremely popular with health conscious people, from Hollywood heavies to vegan chefs. Remember the raw food restaurant episode in Sex and the City when Samantha meets her younger actor boyfriend? The ladies sample a multi-course meal of complex and intimidating concoctions, but leave hungry and binge on pizza after their posh supper. Well, raw foods don’t all look and taste like celery meringue. A quick look around LA will reveal dozens of restaurants that specialize in raw vegan cuisine and raw foodies rave about the variety of delectable – and satisfying – dishes.

While we can’t all warm up to celery meringue, everyone can benefit from eating more unprocessed fruits and vegetables. The reason why no one can argue against eating more raw fruits and vegetables is the vast network of vitamins, digestive enzymes, fiber, phytochemicals, and flavanols that makes plants inherently good for you. According to raw foodies, cooking destroys all these nutrients, so to qualify as raw, food must not be heated over 104° F (40°C).

Are you ready to harness the power of raw food? If you have never tried a raw diet, well don’t be shy. You can just add some raw dishes to your existing diet and see how you like it. Today there are so many exciting options. How about trying a raw cold-pressed juice? You are bound to find it more delicious and satisfying than your regular iced tea. Want to swap out your usual burrito or burger with a raw version? At Erewhon you can enjoy a Raw Walnut Taco Meat Burrito, a Sprouted Lentil Burger or a Spirulina Wrap. They are all utterly delicious! And you don’t have to skimp on dessert. There are so many decadent (and guilt-free) possibilities. How about a raw Pistachio Tartlet, raw Chocolate Mousse Tart, raw Gooey Coconut Brownie, or raw superfood chocolates?

So it’s easier than ever to eat raw, but as with any new menu or regimen, start slowly and gently; let your body grow accustomed to your new chemistry.

To learn more about a raw foods diet and sample a range of raw dishes, come to the Erewhon Raw Food Event Saturday May 18th! For more see our event page on Facebook. 

At Erewhon all produce and raw dishes at the café are 100% organic.