March 3, 2016
The Ultimate Wellness Plan: Part One image

The Ultimate Wellness Plan: Part 1 of 3 – Alkaline and Blood Cleansing
By Erik Vose, ND

Alkalizing your body is a key step in recovering your health. Lots of people talk about it, but how real is it, and what science supports it?

Alkaline lifestyles are touted as helping with detox, fighting infection, and preventing chronic disease of all kinds. In my experience, these claims are all accurate, in this article I will explain the basic scientific basis for how alkaline lifestyles work.

What does ‘alkaline’ mean?

Alkaline is a chemistry term to refer to a high pH, which means that in a solution there are more OH- ions than H+ ions. This translates to the body in several important ways. Our enzymes all need a specific concentration of H+ ions to do their job properly.

What is an alkaline lifestyle?

An alkaline lifestyle is a way of living that supports the body’s natural alkalinity, allowing the body to spend resources on other things like repair and detoxification instead of balancing the acidity from the diet.

How can you tell if you are “alkaline”?

4 Quick tips
1. Diet rich in vegetables, and low in carbohydrates
2. Lemon juice (about ½ teaspoon) in water first thing in the morning, then 5 mins before each meal
3. Chlorella – 3 grams, twice per day
4. Coffee enemas

Learn more

Twice a month, Erewhon hosts a roundtable discussion for free where the public can speak with a healthcare provider to learn about a specific topic. This month, Kellie Grillo, HHP, CN will be hosting a round table discussion where you can learn more, this Saturday, March 5th at Erewhon Natural Foods Market in Calabasas. Kellie is a super friendly!