August 25, 2014
The Metagenics 10-Day Detox image

By Vivian Kanchian

After a European trip involving plenty of bread, pasta, and gelato… I came back to Los Angeles determined to “re-boot” my body with Metagenics’ 10-day detox plan.   For those seeking a lengthier option, Metagenics also offers a 28-day program.


Both versions of the cleanse are similarly designed to begin with a larger variety of approved food items towards the beginning, gradually eliminating certain foods while increasing the amount of nutritional supplements during the middle.  Towards the end of the cleanse, these foods are slowly added back in, and the nutritional supplements are whittled down.


I received the neat little package overnight;  an informational brochure, daily journal, AdvaClear capsules, helpful recipes, a shopping list, UltraClear Renew medical food protein powder in a new Peach Flavor (delicious!), and a shaker cup.  They really do make it easy to follow.


I like to do a Metagenics cleanse quarterly.  I also keep several jars of UltraClear pH around the house anytime I want a quick, healthy, low-calorie snack/ light meal at 180 calories per two scoops.  It’s a delicious treat blended with pure chilled water (Tip alert: makes all the difference)! However, you may choose to blend yours with fruits, fruit juice, or your choice of unsweetened milk.  The plastic shaker cup is nice, but I recommend investing in a stainless steel airtight Nissan thermos.  I place two scoops of the powdered supplement inside and seal.   I carry a bottle of chilled water with me wherever I’m going—simply adding and shaking up the mixture when I’m ready for my meal.


Another way to use UltraClear is during intermittent fasting such as the 5:2 plan [2], whereby a person eats normally 5 days per week, and restricts their calories the remaining 2 days to 25% of their regular intake: about 500 calories (women) or 600 calories (men) including lots of water and herbal tea.


Sample meal schedule for 5:2 plan:



On day 3 of my cleanse, I decided I would ignore the instructions to avoid strenuous or prolonged exercise and do a regular set at the gym— mistake!  About ¾ in, I turned around and went right back home.  Cleansing isn’t just about what you do or don’t eat, but about giving your body the appropriate amount of rest.   For the next several days, I would experience major fatigue– a classic side effect of detoxification.  I felt completely sapped of energy, and as a person who exercises regularly, I was surprised to find that even my light walks felt like a total chore.   Stick to mild exercise for the duration of your cleanse– your body will thank you for it!


My detox ended yesterday, and I am happy to report that I feel rejuvenated,  energetic, my eyes and skin are bright and clear, and I’m back to craving nutrient dense, healthy foods again.   I haven’t quite kicked my daily cravings for the shake yet, and since it’s so good for me… I’m in no hurry!



Why Metagenics?


-Backed by sound scientific research [3].

– Established in 1983, and currently the largest supplier of Practitioner-Only Natural Medicines in the U.S.

-Quality control checks exceeding GMP Standards (triple certification).

-Metagenics’ scientists’ and clinicians’ research articles have appeared in over 200 peer-reviewed medical journals.

-Shake and capsules are easily portable, and taste great.

-Low allergy, gluten free food.

-Continue to eat a balanced low-allergy diet throughout the detox program.


Could the Standard American Diet (SAD) be a major contributing factor to inflammation and ultimately, disease?


Diets high in animal protein and lacking in fruit and vegetable intake have been shown to raise the body’s acid load [1].  In an effort to create balance, the bones release alkaline phosphatase from storage resulting in bone loss, excess urinary calcium, and kidney stones.


Why do I need a cleanse ?


The air we breathe, the food we eat, skin exposure to:

Industrial Chemicals and Chemical Pollutants (Air we breathe)

Pesticides (Food we eat)

Endocrine Disruptors (Food we eat, Skin exposure: phthalates in plastics, PCB’s, steroids in meats)

Toxic Environmental Metals (Food we eat)

Food Additives, Preservatives, Drugs (Food we eat)



How the Metagenics program works:

UltraClear was designed for individuals with neuromuscular pain and stiffness in mind,  but it’s a versatile product that I recommend for anyone; particularly those with food, chemical, and environmental allergies.  Additionally, increasing evidence points to a relationship between an elevated toxic load and a broad spectrum of degenerative diseases [5],[6],[7].


Metagenics’ Detox Programs are designed to:

1-     eliminate high-allergy foods from the diet

2-     increase the intake of organic, plant-based alkalizing foods naturally rich in nutrients that aid in liver detoxification

3-     provide additional low-allergy nutritional support to enhance the detoxification process; particularly Phase II; UltraClear is made using a patented method that significantly reduces the already-low allergy potential of rice.



 What happens in the different Phases of liver detox?


Phase I :

The good:  For detoxification to happen, toxic fatty molecules are first converted into intermediates that are capable of binding water.  The bad:  As this occurs, damaging free radicals are created.


Phase II :

The transformed intermediates can now attach themselves to water-soluble molecules making it easy to excrete drugs, hormones, and toxins via the urine or bile.   This crucial phase requires adequate nutrients to ensure proper detoxification, while avoiding free radical damage [8].


Phase III :

Toxins are transported out of the body via urine or stool; alkaline conditions can help facilitate this process [1].


Metagenics UltraClear is fortified with these important nutrients to help facilitate Phase II detox, while simultaneously promoting alkaline pH levels:


  • Zinc, pantothenic acid, and beneficial probiotics
  • Vitamins A, B3, B6, B12, C, E, beta-carotene, and folates
  • Amino acids L-cysteine, L-glutamine, and taurine
  • N-acetylcysteine, sodium sulfate, and L-glutathione
  • Green tea catechins
  • Low-allergy-potential protein/carbohydrates
  • Potassium Citrate *


* May promote alkaline pH levels [1] when used in conjunction with a high vegetable detoxifying diet; resulting in improved kidney function and detoxification.



Some foods that are particularly good to include during your cleanse (as allowed—refer to booklet) to promote Phase II detox include:


Fruits and vegetables in a rainbow of colors (raw or lightly steamed), particularly sulphur-rich cruciferous vegetables [4] like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, bok choy.  Raw or steamed beets are highly detoxifying.  Foods high in potassium citrate: leafy green vegetables, spinach, artichoke, lima beans, acorn squash, skin-on baked potatoes, dried plums and apricots, melon, banana, wild-caught salmon, grass-fed organic yogurt.  Raw, unhulled sesame seed paste (tahini) can be eaten through the entire duration of the cleanse. *

To read more about the many benefits of sesame, click here !

* As with any other food on the approved foods list, avoid if you have a known allergy.

Turmeric – Click here

Bitter herbs (dandelion, sorrel, endive, chicory/ radicchio, chamomile)


To begin your supervised cleanse, or to find out which Metagenics products are right for you,  contact Erewhon’s Dr. Whimsy for a consultation today.



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