Though there’s nothing like enjoying a glass of wine at the end of a long day, sometimes it can feel overwhelming to know what to buy. For many of us, choosing a bottle is really just an exercise of picking the most exciting label.

But wines are so much more than the labels on their bottles!

At Erewhon, we want to connect our customers to wines that honor the pure and ancient art of viticulture. While you’re browsing our wines, you’ll likely notice bottles that you’ve never seen before. That’s because we’ve carefully curated a collection of rare and exquisite wines from organic and biodynamic vintners.

Our wine standards promote three cardinal values:

  • Minimum intervention
  • An artisanal flair
  • Mindful agriculture

Low-Intervention Winemaking

The craft of winemaking dates back 8,000 years, to the very beginning of civilization. Wine is one of the oldest beverages in the history of humanity! In line with its long and storied past, we believe that viticulture should be a simple, pure process. We seek out vintners who share this belief through an emphasis on low intervention practices.

Instead of using chemicals and machines to mass produce their wines, our winemakers take a minimal intervention approach. They use gravity as a filtration system and manually tread their grapes. They also avoid the unsettling list of additives that large companies use to mask flavor deficiencies. Those include sugars, egg whites, gelatin, and even isinglass—a substance obtained from fish bladders.

When you sip our wines, you can rest assured that you’re ingesting a pure product that has resulted from low impact processes.

Boutique, Artisanal Wines

Have you ever walked into a boutique wine shop where each bottle is treated like a treasure? That’s what we’ve tried to recreate in each of our markets.

We stock wines that “express terroir,” or reflect the attributes of a grape’s natural landscape. As you can imagine, the weather, climate, and soil of a vineyard change from year to year, allowing each bottle to have a unique signature. Like everything that comes from Mother Nature, no two wines are identical. That’s something that we embrace.

Mindful Agriculture: Organic, Biodynamic, and Regenerative Farming

Our wines present an opportunity for us to support mindful agriculture. We do that by empowering growers who practice organic, biodynamic, and regenerative farming. Our wine specialists maintain direct contact with wineries to confirm that their processes meet our standards.

Our organic wines are made from grapes that are 100% free of pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic chemicals. Every ingredient in the wine is certified organic. We also work with biodynamic vintners, who take a spiritual and holistic approach to winemaking. The biodynamic philosophy treats a farm as a self-sustaining organism and encourages minimal intervention. Finally, we support regenerative farms, which naturally enrich soil through cover crops, livestock integration, and crop diversity.

Not only do these practices result in pure, delicious wines—they benefit the environment and guard against climate change. Our commitment to organic, biodynamic, and regenerative practices is our way of practicing what we preach.


Wine isn’t just something to pour in a glass. Every bottle is an artifact of the past, with a rich and celebrated history. Our wine specialists are passionate about bringing in new varieties that allow you to branch out and hone your palate. In fact, we organize our sections not by grape, but by taste. Similar wines are grouped together, with changes in character becoming greater and greater as you move down the aisle. Whether you’re looking for an earthy, smooth red or a zesty, bright white—you can find it at one of our wine shops.

Looking for a new wine to try? For September our Winemaker of the month is

. This special vineyard is a Demeter Biodynamic® Certified and Regenerative Organic Certified™️ farm in Oregon’s Applegate Valley. Winemaking at Troon is straightforward and minimalist.


Raise a glass with us!

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