There are a lot of prebiotics out there, but this month we are proud and excited to share a tonic recipe with Thorne and using the newest and most unique technology on the market!


Thorne is a favorite of ours for forging the path forward by elevating the science in the supplement industry while achieving levels of quality previously not thought possible. As a recognized leader and innovator, the extensive clinical research and rigorous lab testing relied on by Thorne makes them stand out among the crowd as one of the best nutritional supplement suppliers.

What makes the Thorne Prebiotic+ Disc so special?

Prebiotic + is a unique blend of gut health ingredients that supports digestive health and immune function. Unlike traditional fiber-based prebiotic formulas, which can cause gas and bloating and take days to begin working, Prebiotic + goes to work in hours without ingredients that cause excess gas or bloating.

Prebiotic+ also supports a balanced microflora that keeps your gut happy and healthy.* This new science-based blend of ingredients does way more than just promote friendly bacteria, it actually also helps reduce bad bacteria!*

Using brand new 2D printing technology, Thorne is able to print the ingredients into a thin supplement disc that easily dissolves in cold liquids. Combined with our Erewhon sparkling spring water from Shasta Mountain, this drink is the perfect way to enjoy a functional chilled beverage throughout these warm summer months!

What’s In It:

Thorne’s Prebiotic+ Berry & Pomegranate Disc

Erewhon’s Carbonated Spring Water

A hint of Mint and Lemon

Are You An Erewhon Member?

The Thorne Probiotic Tonic is free for members July 1 - July 14

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It’s available for purchase for $6

Only available in 12 oz.

Available for purchase all month long!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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