How does a warm, creamy hot chocolate that's packed with full-spectrum mushrooms and calming ashwagandha sound for the holiday season? Well you’re in luck, The Om Hot Chocolate is our November Tonic Bar special!

This hot chocolate is loaded with 4 kinds of mushrooms, ashwagandha, a premium Dutch cocoa, and only 2g of sugar from maple sugar crystals and monk fruit and Organic almond milk.

Erewhon Member Offer:

Free OM Hot Chocolate for all members!

$5 for non-members

Made with Almond Milk

Only available in 8oz at the Tonic Bar.

The Magic Behind The Om Hot Chocolate:

  • Packed with functional mushrooms + ashwagandha
  • Mushrooms: reishi, chaga, lion's mane & turkey tail
  • 2,000 mg of mushroom per serving
  • Mushrooms: for focus
  • Ashwagandha: for calm
  • Delicious hot or cold

Have you tried the OM Hot Chocolate? It's just like when you were a kid, but this one's loaded with full-spectrum mushrooms, ashwagandha, and some of the world's finest Dutch cocoa. Try it for free if you are a member or for $5 for non-members. Want to have it at home? You can purchase the 30-serving compostable canister to make anytime!

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