Supercharge Your Health With Erewhon’s Monthly Special!

Below we have this month’s amazing super-nutrient wellness offer. This month features an exclusive wellness reward for our Erewhon Members to keep you inspired to eat better, feel better and live longer!

For Erewhon Members:

Starting December 1st, receive your free Metabolizer by Sakara for being an Erewhon Member. Come on in to get your free hot chocolate at the tonic bar in any one of our locations! Valid through December 14th.

For Everyone Else:

The Metabolizer is available for $6 all month long

Details: The Metabolizer features Sakara’s Metabolism Super Powder that includes ingredients that may enhance metabolic rate, stabilize blood sugar, reduce bloat and decrease puffiness: Horsetail, Gymnema, L-Glutamine, Kelp Extract and Black Pepper. This cozy hot chocolate is perfect for winter!

Did You Know: Everyone is born with a different metabolic rate; some people are able to produce more energy, resulting in a higher metabolism, whereas others produce less energy and may have a slower metabolism. Although everybody is different, you can influence or "boost" your metabolism by eating well and becoming more physically active.

Offer valid from December 1st - 14th, while supplies last. Free Tonic for members, one time use only. No substitutions. The Metabolizer by Sakara can be requested at any Erewhon Tonic Bar.

Look out for all of our rotating Monthly Wellness Promos! Thank you for being a part of the Erewhon Community.

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