The groovy folks at SuperMush have partnered with us this month to help support our well being through their mushroom immunity spray. This cinnamon-toast-flavored spray is loaded with adaptogenic mushrooms and we've created a special latte with them to celebrate their Erewhon launch. You’ve got to check it out!

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$6.50 for non-members.

We’ve all seen mushrooms in powder, pill and whole form, but have you ever tried it in this special tincture form? Tinctures provide a more concentrated form of nutrients (compared to ingesting through a tea or powder). The best part? Because tinctures are more bioavailable (they absorb quickly into your bloodstream, rather than waiting until it gets absorbed through your stomach), this means you get the wonderful nutrients FAST and more EFFICIENTLY.

So, Which Mushrooms Are In The Cinnamon Toast Spray?

Turkey Tail + Reishi

Let's Talk About The Latte Ingredients

SuperMush Immunity Spray




Chai Spice

Minor Figures oat milk

Cinnamon on top!

Are you an Erewhon Member? Try it for free!

$6.50 for non-members.

Only available in 8 oz.

Stop by your local Erewhon Tonic Bar to try today, starting Tuesday, February 1st!

* Customers buy a Cinnamon Toast Latte or SuperMush spray they will receive a free SuperMush bandana, while supplies last*

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