Woman holding green drink with vitamin bottle

The simple yet powerful Vitamineral Greens Tonic is alkalizing, energy-boosting and full of micro-nutrients! Vitamineral greens include green ingredients from the land, lakes and oceans! Nettle, chlorophyll, spirulina, kelp and more make this tonic vitamin-rich and hydrating. Did You Know? You think you know greens (after all, you eat salad all the time!), but did you know there are other less-commonly consumed greens that are POWERHOUSES of nutrients? These greens are found in oceans, lakes and even grow wild on the land and contain an incredibly high amount of micronutrients (like vitamins and minerals), and other health-boosting qualities that you simply need to know about!

For All Erewhon Customers: Starting June 15th, receive a free Chlorophyll Water dose in any purchased beverage behind a tonic bar in any one of our locations!


Offer valid beginning June 15th, while supplies last. Free Tonic for members, one time use only. The Vitamineral Greens Tonic can be requested at any Erewhon Tonic Bar. Look out for all of our rotating Monthly Wellness Promos! Thank you for being a part of the Erewhon Community.

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