For October, we've teamed up with Sprout Living to create a smoothie using their Vanilla Lucuma Epic Protein.

What’s In It?

Organic Sprout Living Vanilla Lucuma Epic Protein Erewhon Regenerative Organic Certified Cold Brew Coffee Organic Almond Milk Organic Pumpkin Purée Organic Pumpkin Spice Organic Banana Organic Maca Organic Cinnamon Organic Coconut Cream

What Makes Sprout Living Special?

  • Organic plant proteins, superfoods, prebiotics
  • 20 g multi-source, plant-based protein
  • Aromatic vanilla with hints of spice from cinnamon & ginger
  • Superfoods like balancing lucuma and nutritious baobab
  • Smooth & creamy with no ‘fake’ sweetness or aftertaste
  • Clean & real with absolutely NO gums, “flavoring”, fillers or additives

Superfoods like baobab fruit, lucuma, cinnamon and ginger provide powerful antioxidants that help to promote digestion and heart health amongst many other amazing health benefits.

Stop by your location Erewhon during the month of October to try it for yourself while you can!

Are You An Erewhon Member?

The Sprout Living Smoothie is free for members October 1st - October 14th

Not A Member Yet?

It’s available for purchase for $10

Only available in 12 oz.

Available for purchase all month long!

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