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What causes adult acne?

Typical acne in adulthood can be caused by hormone fluctuations, or stress and anxiety. It could also be a result of dehydration, poor sleep, or food intolerances. To start, you may want to take an inventory of your diet, and consider removing some common inflammatory foods (eg. sugar, dairy, gluten)! If you’re not getting enough rest or are stressed, we carry some helpful holistic options in the nutrition aisle at Erewhon! Dr. Anjali, our in-house naturopathic doctor, loves Vitamin C to support healthy immune function and collagen production! 

What about childhood acne?

For childhood acne, skin issues can be common as hormones are changing. Keeping a clean diet and drinking plenty of water are a great foundation. You’ll also want to keep your face clean. Elizabeth, our beauty expert, suggests cleansers and moisturizers that contain ingredients like tea tree, turmeric, neem, frankincense, grapefruit or lemon. These ingredients can be clarifying, fight skin impurities and calm inflammation. Have dry skin? Jojoba is a great option for all skin types. For folks that have oily or acne prone skin, grapeseed oil is lighter and may help to reduce clogged pores.


Some of our favorite products include:

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Transitional Stress

It’s also normal for our skin to experience extra stress during the transition of seasons. If you’re experiencing dry skin or inflammation, keeping your skin moisturized can make a huge difference. Elizabeth loves body lotions and oils that include skin nourishing ingredients such as shea butter, avocado oil, aloe, hempseed oil, sunflower seed oil, coconut oil and jojoba oil.

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Air Quality

Additionally, the air quality in Los Angeles may contribute to your skin concerns. Look for antioxidant rich skincare that includes ingredients such as raspberry seed oil, algae, vitamin c & vitamin e to combat those free radicals. Grab a mineral zinc oxide sunscreen for some UV protection and reach for a bamboo skin wipe to wipe away the elements once you get home.

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Have any more questions? Head to the body-care aisles in store for more help!

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