We are proud to introduce our new Regenerative Organic Certified coffee!

What makes our Erewhon ROC coffee special:

Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC) is a revolutionary new certification for food, fiber, and personal care ingredients. ROC farms and products meet the highest standards for soil health, animal welfare, and farmworker fairness.⁠

Roasted with immense care and attention to detail in a fully organic facility, our coffee reflects our craftsman approach by blending art and science.

The differences:

USDA Organic

  • Prohibits most synthetic chemicals
  • Prohibits GMOs
  • Prohibits antibiotics
  • Little enforcement of best soil health practices
  • Few conditions for farmer fairness or animal welfare


  • No legal definition
  • Focuses on sequestering carbon in soil
  • Usually indicated practices aimed at soil health


  • All of the requirements of USDA organic PLUS
  • Strict requirements for soil health practices
  • Pasture-based animal welfare
  • Social fairness for farmers and workers

Espresso Roast

Notes: Dark chocolate, toffee and orange


House Roast

Notes: Caramel, chocolate and orange

About our ROC coffee:

  • Medium to dark, sweet, clean, and full-bodied
  • Delicious black, and a great foundation for Erewhon’s signature coffee drinks
  • Roasted with the highest attention to detail to highlight the terroir of where it was grown, Nicaragua

From Farm To Cup: How We Get Our ROC Coffee:

Step One: Ripe cherries are picked by hand in Nicaragua

Step Two: Cherries are fermented, washed and dried in the sun

Step Three: Coffee is shipped by our import partner, Sustainable Harvest

Step Four: Once our coffee is received here in Los Angeles, it is roasted and packed

Step Five: Coffee is delivered to our distribution center to be divided and taken to each Erewhon location

Step Six: Our ROC coffee is enjoyed by you from the comfort of your own home or at one of our Erewhon Tonic Bars

Available as drip, in our espresso drinks, on our shelves in-store, or for delivery online—stop in and try some today!

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