Raise your hand if you love matcha! We had the pleasure of spending some time with Jeff from Rishi Tea & Botanicals talk about the history of the matcha tea leaf, the ceremonial process and creating positive rituals to to uplift you mentally and physically.

We are so proud and excited to be partnering with Rishi Tea & Botanicals! We have collaborated to create the most inspired, creative and colorful matcha menu as a new addition to our Tonic Bar.

Established in 1997, Rishi remains privately owned and founder-led. They are tea experts who hand select, import and make their own tea formulas. All Rishi Tea is directly-sourced and organic from over 20 countries with total transparency and traceability.

Matcha Cloud Latte, The Green Matcha Juice and Rishi Key Lime Smoothie

Head over to the Tonic Bar today to try these new delicious creations!

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