This month, to celebrate the power of breath, mindfulness and well being, we've partnered with

for a magical Blueberry Goji Schisandra Tea!⁠

This tea blend is made of sweet blueberries and revitalizing schisandra berries, plus Goji Schisandra drops make this tea refreshing and revitalizing for Spring!


The Tea Ingredients are Simple and Pure:



Hibiscus Flowers


Schisandra Berries


This tea's flavor profile is next level. The robust flavors of rooibos with fruity notes of elderberries, blueberries and hibiscus to create a tart yet sweet herbal blend. The Schisandra drops add a layer of aromatic complexity and wild floral notes. It truly is a special concoction perfect for springtime. Available in hot or iced form.

We also have a special treat for our Erewhon Members! We have teamed with OPEN, our favorite yoga, breathwork, pilates and meditation studio to give you three months of


For Members: Tea is free from March 1st - March 14th. Erewhon members can sign up for three months of unlimited access with OPEN


Not A Member Yet? It’s just $5

Stop by your local Erewhon Tonic Bar to grab your tea today! It’s the perfect treat for your pre or post OPEN yoga or breathwork flow.

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