On April 22nd, Earth Day, join us in celebration as we invite you to grow with us.

At all Erewhon locations we will be giving away sunflower seed packets to our community. Please join us as we plan, restore and nourish our Mother Earth!

We want to take this holiday to remember that the power to change our community is in our hands! And it can start with one small seed.


Why a sunflower?

  • Sunflowers are considered a regenerative flower as they have the ability to clean and restore the soil they grow in.
  • Sunflowers' roots go so deep, they actually help to aerate the soil!
  • Not only are they able to absorb lead, but other dangerous heavy metals such as arsenic, zinc, chromium, copper, and manganese.

Thank you to our special partners for coming with us on this journey! Visit Erewhon on Earth Day to pick up your sunflower seeds and #GrowWithErewhon! We will be documenting the growth of our own flower, stay tuned!


AMAZ: Energizing adaptogenic drinks with superfoods from the Amazon! With health-supportive ingredients grown in regenerative agroforestry systems, Amaz actively heals the earth and supports biodiversity.

MāKā: MāKā is focused on personal wellness. Wheatgrass is the pillar of their drinks since it provides the nutritional benefits of a superfood. Combined other organic ingredients, a delicious, refreshing beverage was born!

Biodynamic Coffee: Clean coffee sourced exclusively from family-run estates and cooperatives using regenerative farming practices that improve the natural environment.

Equal Exchange: A company with a purpose. Equal exchange is on a mission to trade in a way that is honest and fair, a way that empowers both farmers and consumers. Always fairly traded and organic!

Koala Eco: Koala Eco was born out of a desire to find eco-friendly, non-toxic products that were both efficacious and safe for even the littlest members of every household. This range of household products harnesses the power of potent botanicals and plant-based ingredients to inspire a safe, caring, and beautiful world.

La Tourangelle: La Tourangelle is passionate about making high quality ingredients that are good for the table, community and planet. Through regenerative farming, artisan production methods and nature friendly packaging they want to empower people to cook like they care.

evanhealy: evanhealy is a holistic skin care line created and formulated to work with the rhythms and physiology of the body, and to support long-term skin health and radiance. They value therapy and simplicity, believe that less is more and acknowledge that the less you interfere with the skin’s ability to achieve balance the better.


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