Full Spectrum Sea Moss is extremely special for many reasons, we’re thrilled to now be offering our own small batch superfood to our wonderful community!

What Is Sea Moss?

Sea Moss is a type of algae that can be found and harvested in the waters of  the Caribbean along the reefs of St. Lucia, Grenada, Jamaica, Dominico, as well as some of the waters in the North Atlantic.

What Makes Our Sea Moss Special?

Our Sea Moss is sourced from the pristine waters of St. Lucia, a small island in the Caribbean. It is of the "Genus Gracilaria" variety which is a multi-colored full spectrum sea moss containing a plethora of vitamins and minerals that are essential to our bodies.

The Full Spectrum process requires the Sea Moss to be wild-harvested and intentionally dried and cured to maintain its natural color and phytonutrients.


How Is Ours Made?

Our full spectrum sea moss is wildcrafted, made in small batches and handled with care from the sea to the jar. Once harvested and dried it is then thoroughly cleaned, soaked in filtered spring water for 24 hours then blended. Because it is a living food it is best if consumed within 4 weeks from the date stated on the jar.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of  Sea Moss?

Sea Moss contains some essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, fiber and more! A few other key factors:

Mineral Dense - 92 minerals out of the 102 minerals our bodies require for optimal health is found in Sea Moss. It truly is the superfood of the sea!

Fiber/Prebiotic - Sea Moss is known for its prebiotic soluble fiber that can be good for gut bacteria and improve overall gut health.

Collagen Properties- Sea Moss is known for its collagen properties. Many use it as an anti-aging supplement as well as assistance in strengthening bones, joints, skin, hair, and nails.

Blood Support - Sea Moss is known to be packed with iron, B-12, and copper as well as other vitamins that can aid in building blood cells and blood supply.

A Good Source Of Iodine - Because our bodies don’t naturally make iodine and it can only be received through diet, Sea Moss is a good source for those looking to incorporate it into their supplement routine.

What’s the Best Way To Consume It?

The options are bountiful! It can be consumed straight out of the jar or added to a meal.

It goes well with teas, soups, pancakes (it can act as a thickening agent), smoothies and acai bowls are great ways to enjoy it.

Disclaimer: The information provided is intended for educational purposes only. These statements have not yet been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary, before using any supplements it is always advisable to consult with your own health care provider.

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