What It Means To Be A Certified Organic Retailer

We're so passionate about our organic produce that we chose to get certified.

Our certification assures that we've fulfilled the strict handling practices required to ensure our organic products you purchase from any of our stores remain organic from when they are harvested at the farm to when you place them into your cart.


While that may sound like a simple statement, it's a HUGE commitment.

Why It's A Big Deal

The USDA doesn't actually require an organic certification for retailers who sell organic products. We've decided to take the extra steps required to get certified because it enables us to provide our community the highest-quality organic foods and products available. It's not mandatory, but we think it's the right thing to do.

How Certification Works

We begin with our produce department, ensuring that everything you buy stays organic from farm to basket. USDA accredited Certifiers evaluate our stores and production systems yearly.

These are some of the compliance points we're annually audited on:

  • Verifying organic sources and labeling → We only work with the best certified organic farms and ensure they're in compliance
  • Proper handling/storage → Organic produce never mixed with anything non-organic
  • Preventing any contamination
  • Training. Teams get specially trained on what's required for organic certification

As we here at Erewhon continue to grow and strive for the very best for our customers and community we appreciate your support!

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