For September, we've teamed up with Agent Nateur to create a smoothie using their unrivaled Holi(mane) marine collagen & pearl powder beauty blend!

What’s In It?

Agent Nateur Holi(mane)

Organic Bananas

Organic Peanut Butter

Organic Lucuma

Organic Maple

Sea Salt

Organic Dates

Organic Chia Seed

Organic Almond Milk

Organic Cacao Nibs

Organic Coconut Cream

What Makes Holi(mane) Special?

  • Wild marine collagen
  • Saltwater pearls
  • High bioavailability of all 4 types collagen
  • Abundant trace minerals & amino acids
  • No Heavy Metals
  • No added gums, starches. oils or water

The Power of Pearl Powder

Pearl powder is a potent source of calcium and trace minerals absorbed from the ocean, similar to the minerals one might find in Himalayan or Celtic sea salt.

Saltwater pearls in particular have a richer mineral profile than freshwater pearls. While significantly more expensive, they carry significantly more benefits.

Pearl powder is sometimes used as an alternative to collagen because of the compound Nacre, which has been demonstrated to stimulate collagen creation within the body.

This deliciously creamy, beautifying smoothie that tastes like sea-salted peanut-butter caramel and will help bring your skin and hair game to the next level! Stop by your location Erewhon during the month of September to try it for yourself while you can!

Are You An Erewhon Member?

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September 1st - September 14th

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It’s available for purchase for $12

Only available in 12 oz.

Available for purchase all month long!

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