August 2, 2018

Ancient Organics Founder Matteo shared this delicious recipe with us. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner…this dish is sure to please…his adorable daughter’s face tells the whole story!

Sockeye Salmon & Kale Khorasan Patties

Makes (8) 2″ patties


1 packet Patagonia Provisions® Green Kale + Kamut® Khorasan Wheat Savory Grains

1 Packet Patagonia Provisions® Wild Sockeye Salmon Original

2 Free Range Organic Eggs

4-6 TBSP Ancient Organics® Ghee

Prepare the Kamut per the package instructions. Then combine the grain mixture with the two eggs and the salmon after removing its skin.

Stir until the mixture stays together when pressed against the side of the bowl.

Melt a tablespoon of ghee in a skillet over medium heat. Form patties using two spoons or your hands. Place the patties in the hot ghee, about an inch apart.

Let cook until the underside browns, flip and brown the second side. Remove and serve the pattie with your favorite bread and condiments or over a bed of lettuce for a gluten-free option. Repeat for other patties.

Some of our favorite toppings are: Aioli, Charmoula, Crème Fraîche, Kraut or other pickles.

Thanks, Matteo!