February 6, 2016
Nutritional Factors That Influence Your Love Life image

ONE LIFE | ONE BODY: Nutritional Factors That Influence Your Love Life

By Erik Vose, ND

With Valentine’s day around the corner, many people find themselves looking for ways to enhance their appearance from the outside. The truth is it starts from within and this time we aren’t referring to your personality. We are talking about your gut bacteria and the way it affects your pheromones. Three simple scientific factors can not only make you feel great but actually improve your overall love life


There are two main ways to increase attractiveness by changing your gut bacteria and improving your digestion. Attractiveness is based on the level of confidence and joy you radiate to others. When you are seen as truly comfortable in yourself they you are immediately seen as more attractive.

The simple scientific principle behind attraction is based on pheromones. These are chemicals released by your body that signal others to sense how attractive and genetically compatible you are. If a person is sick or toxic, their natural smell changes, and their pheromones are different.

By changing the gut bacteria, we can change both our sense of confidence and our pheromones. This is how it works:

When we change our gut bacteria, our neurotransmitters change. We can relax and feel good in ourselves. The gut bacteria improve digestion, which promotes a balanced nervous system and reduces overall anxiety. By feeling more relaxed and confident, you can rest assured that you are naturally healthy and attractive.

The gut bacteria influence our pheromones in several ways. When we change our gut bacteria, we change our immune system and our detoxification pathways. In fact, our whole metabolism changes. By changing the bacteria in our gut, our whole bacterial balance changes, which in turn changes our pheromones.


What can we do to change our gut bacteria? To begin with, changing our diet is the single best way to change our gut bacteria in the long term. To speed up the transition in gut bacteria, we can take a number of supplements to eradicate “bad” bacteria while promoting “good bacteria.”

Here are three easy tips to change your gut bacteria:

Change the diet: completely eliminate dairy, gluten, and soy. These three foods commonly interact with the immune system and promote bacterial imbalances along with excessive inflammation. It’s best to work with a nutritionist or naturopathic medical doctor to come up with an individualized diet that will actually be sustainable for you.

SF722 by Thorne is a great supplement to take, 1 capsule twice per day, to help remove some of the fungus and bacteria that have set up shop in the gut.
Megadophilus by Natren is a super-adhesive, long-lasting probiotic that works gently enough to gradually shift your gut bacterial balance towards health. Many people who react to probiotics with gas and bloating have no issues with this particular probiotic. Because it lasts so long, you don’t need more than a few billion per capsule, which is part of why this probiotic is so amazing.

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