July 6, 2018

It was an easy commute for Sylvia Ortiz to chat with us for this “Meet the Maker” – she lives just a few minutes away from our Santa Monica store. We truly enjoyed learning more about how a mother’s love turned into a thriving business and partnership!

EREWHON: Tell us how Macro Greens came into being.

SYLVIA: The main impetus, for the creation of Macro Greens® was 20 years ago to help my 15-year-old son JR, as he had grown into an obese adolescent – even though he was an active tennis player.  I knew if I could get him in the habit of drinking an alkalizing “greens” superfood, it would help him regain his health and feed his body at the cellular level.

I whipped up the “green stuff” for him to drink in water three times a day (with breakfast, afternoon, and with, or after dinner). Amazingly, it helped him to shave off 65 pounds and most of that was body fat in only 6 months! He never “dieted,” he just added my alkalizing greens to his daily regime and let the nutrients, 18 billion probiotics, and alkaline goodness satisfy his hunger and that cut his cravings for high-calorie / nutrient void junk foods. The results were nothing short of outstanding! I gained a healthier son, and a fabulous business partner!

EREWHON: Did you face any obstacles along the way?

SYLVIA: Obstacles…you betcha!  I started with 250 professionally manufactured units, working out of the den of my home, and did not know where I was going to sell the first container.  My selling method was (and still is) to see every buyer as a customer. I was confident in the quality of the formula and GMP manufacturing facility, so the next step is to have them taste the delicious formula. Having a strong ingredient list is one thing, and with superfoods you can really taste if a quality formula and not something that tastes like the front lawn. We still mix up all of our products for every buyer meeting and customer samplings. MacroLife gained popularity with customers and stores because they taste and feel the difference!  This boosted word of mouth and reorders.

Once enough stores carried the Macro Greens we went were invited to sell via a distributor and gained top account lists, then began calling and sending samples. Sending out “fax blasts” was also a useful tool (now known as eBLASTs).

By 2004, I had established over 2,000 stores nationwide.  That was quite an accomplishment for a single mom trying to put her son through school and help the world become healthier.

Erewhon was one of my very first accounts and greatly appreciate the opportunity to be selling there. I would personally do in-store demos at the Beverly Blvd location to have customers taste how delicious a greens superfood can be!  Your staff was always kind and helpful – trying the samples and eager to learn more about my miracle elixir (back then the product was called Miracle Greens). The name changed when we launched Miracle Reds and had dreams of creating a larger company with multiple products.  Hence, we rebranded and became MacroLife Naturals.

EREWHON: Such an amazing story, is there anything else you would like to share?

SYLVIA: I enlisted the help of Holistic Chiropractor Dr. Edward Wagner as a consultant to help me formulate Macro Greens.  We carefully chose each of the ingredients to provide a complete health foundation.  My dream was to provide the purest, non-allergenic, organic “greens” superfood; not only for health conscience consumers; but more importantly, for the general public who desperately need a product that provides substantial nutrition that was tasty so people would actually look forward to drinking it!

It’s been such an incredible journey from those days in my den to selling at Erewhon. We’ve met so many wonderful people and feel so blessed to be part of the community. We hope your readers will come to Erewhon Santa Monica (July 21 at 6pm) to meet me and try one of our award-winning formulas. We hope they will see why we say, “Add a little to your day, add A LOT to your LIFE!”