February 12, 2018
Meet the Maker | Decadently Raw image

What a wonderful time we had, sitting down with Megan, owner and creator of Decadently Raw. We loved learning about her journey and were thrilled when she agreed to share the recipe for her Superfood Chocolate Turtles!

This is part of an ongoing series where we invite local entrepreneurs to share their inspirational origin stories with you.

Tell us how Decadently Raw started

I got my start in chocolate around 2005, when David Wolfe brought raw cacao butter and raw cacao powder into the marketplace. I’d always been a chocolate lover, but when I started eating raw, my options to indulge were limited because in 2005 there were just one or two raw chocolate brands on store shelves, and they were expensive.

I began experimenting in my own kitchen, making raw chocolate for myself and friends, but most importantly, for my parents. I would make superfood chocolate that contained 20 different superfoods in an attempt to get them to eat foods that actually had an antioxidant count. They had no idea the chocolate they were eating was so healthy and it made me realize the potential of my discovery.

It became my passion to create food that feels sinful, but isn’t. I wanted to create healthy junk food! So, in 2009, my company, Decadently Raw Confections, made its debut at Erewhon. I remain grateful for that chance to be on Erewhon’s shelves.

In the beginning, we sold a few different raw desserts like sugar cookies made from cashews and coconut, and raw chocolate covered pretzels made from scratch. Now, after nine years in business, we’ve finally returned to our roots with raw chocolate! We currently offer three different flavors of filled chocolates, and our classic superfood chocolate turtles.

So you can have your chocolate and eat it too with our guilt-free treats! I hope you all have fun trying this recipe at home!

Superfood Chocolate Turtles (recipe makes 45 turtles)

1 pound fresh, soft dates
2 tablespoons lucuma
1 teaspoon vanilla powder
Unbroken Pecans

First, make date paste by pitting the dates and placing them into a food processor.

Add the lucuma and vanilla powder and turn the food processor on. When the mixture rolls itself into a giant ball, that’s when you know the paste is done.

Measure out 10 gram pieces of date paste. *It is helpful to keep a small bowl of warm water near you when working with date paste. If you keep your hands wet, the dates won’t stick.

Roll each 10 gram piece into a ball.

Flatten the ball into a flat round circle.

Press 4 unbroken pecans to the underside of the caramel round. (You could also use cashews or walnuts if you prefer).

Set in the fridge for an hour or so before covering in superfood chocolate (recipe below).

With a teaspoon, carefully spoon chocolate on to the turtle, leaving some of the caramel showing.

Place back in the fridge for thirty minutes, so the chocolate can set.

Superfood Chocolate Recipe

8 oz cacao butter
1 cup cacao powder
1/2 cup maple syrup or sweetener of choice.
A pinch of vanilla bean
Superfood powders of your choice (1 teaspoon of each). My favorites are mucuna, moringa, chlorella, medicinal mushrooms, ashwagandha, and maca.

Using a low heat source, melt the cacao butter (I like to use my dehydrator).

At the same time, place your sweetener in a small dish and heat up as well. (Again, I prefer to use my dehydrator for this).

Sift cacao powder and superfood powders in the melted cacao butter and whisk together.

Place mixture back into the dehydrator for 5-10 minutes to warm it back up.

Add the heated sweetener to the chocolate and whisk vigorously. NOTE: This chocolate will be thicker than normal, better for dipping.

After the mixture is thoroughly combined, you have a chocolate that is ready to use for your turtles. I hope you enjoy!