February 18, 2019

Tell us about your path to launching Goldthread 

WILLIAM: Goldthread began as a medicinal Herb Farm and Apothecary in Western Massachusetts where I held my Acupuncture practice and we grew more than 100 species of herbs and spices. 

I met Edith, my now wife and the CEO of Goldthread, when she came to one of my workshops on the farm. We joined forces and together we brought our mission of bringing plants to the people to the next level with Goldthread’s line of plant-based tonics. As they say ‘what if we could bottle it,’ we did just that. People are already grabbing a drink with their lunch or after a workout so why not make it one that makes you feel great and enhances your health. We created a product that is convenient, delicious, effective and widely available.

Edith and I travel all over the world cultivating relationships with farmers in the herbs’ origin. It’s important to us to not only use the highest quality of these super herbs and spices, but also support the economy where growing these plants has been a part of their culture and traditions for many years. We want to keep the sacredness of these powerful plants alive and maintain the indigenous traditions that play a key role in preventative healthcare and ultimately create worldwide wellness.  

What does Erewhon mean to you?When we first moved to LA, we went to the Erewhon in Venice. We walked in and were overwhelmed by the level of curation. I’d never seen a grocery store that had curated the best of the best that the natural food products had to offer. Erewhon has the love of a neighborhood grocer with only the best possible products.  Now, we go there everyday. It’s an integral part of our daily routine. We have an immense amount of trust in the quality of everything we buy from Erewhon.

What is your vision for Goldthread?As an extension of our brand, we’ve curated our space in Santa Monica to host gatherings + learnings to dive deeper into the plant based lifestyle.