December 31, 2018


The Essence of a Cleanse

Whether this is your first time, or part of an ongoing ritual, a cleanse provides an opportunity not only to reset, but to appreciate and heal the body temple. A new year’s cleanse provides you with a moment to reflect on all that 2019 will bring—starting now. It puts you in the moment, it allows you to focus on the wonderful work your organs and systems do for you every minute of every day.

Ideally, the first step to cleansing should be setting an intention before the cleanse begins. Whatever your reason for cleansing, setting an intention provides a solid foundation for seeing it through from start to finish.

Often times, we have everything we need for a cleanse physically, but we may not have gotten into the right mental and emotional space in order to benefit completely. Stress and busy schedules get in the way. Setting an intention daily is a great way to focus your cleanse and make it more meaningful. After all, a cleanse is time to examine behaviors or thoughts that you may want to change or modify. It’s also a great time for self-reflection.

A cleanse is a perfect opportunity to create a practice of deep self-care and putting the needs of your body first. Hopefully, you’ll want to continue this practice well after the cleanse has ended. It’s a time to be firm but also gentle with yourself. It’s a time to put yourself and your needs first and foremost. A cleanse of any kind has an uncanny ability of bringing your focus into the present moment. Use this time to your advantage by simply observing without bringing much judgement. Find stillness. If you are able to find stillness in the discomfort of a cleanse, you will likely be able to bring this helpful strategy into your daily life outside of the cleanse. Give yourself the best chance. Start your day on the right foot and an amazing day usually follows suit.

Instead of waking up and jumping right out of bed, start your day with a calming ritual. Try something as simple as a drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up, and before eating. You could also try a light breathing exercise—by deeply inhaling and hold the breath for 10 seconds and then slowly exhaling, repeating this process 5-10 times at your own pace. Perhaps you decide to take a few moments to find and/or feel gratitude for something in your life that you may have overlooked.

A cleanse is designed to be for a certain amount of time with a start and an end—but that does not mean that you have to abandon these habits when you finish. You may discover that these actions are an effective way to center your day throughout the year.