August 1, 2013
Check-in for Charity at Erewhon image

At Erewhon, our goal is to support and connect with the local community by spreading the organic gospel and championing the Non-GMO cause, where everyone has access to healthy foods, and at the very least, has the choice to eat healthy.

As a step towards achieving these lofty goals, we’re pledging one meal to feeding a Delancey Street resident for every Erewhon customer Facebook check-in during the month of August. It’s simple and rewarding: check-in for charity at Erewhon.

About the Delancey Street Foundation
In 1971, Delancey Street began with four residents, a thousand dollar loan, and a dream to develop a new model to turn around the lives of people in poverty, substance abusers, former felons, and others who have hit bottom, by empowering the people with the problems to become the solution. After more than 42 years Delancey Street Foundation is considered the nation’s leading self-help residential center. The foundation is centered around helping individuals behave like successful members of society and has turned over 14,000 men and women into successful tax-paying citizens.

Delancey Street is a successful initiative that has no professional staff and receives no outside funding. From the moment a resident arrives they start their 6-day workweek. Each resident is asked to make a 2-year commitment, and most stay an average of four years. Along the way residents earn high school equivalency diplomas and three jobs skills. They then each become teachers to another and pass along the daily living skills they themselves have learned. “Each one, teach one” is frequently heard around the foundation. All of this is done at no cost to the California taxpayer. Along with the foundation, Delancey Street runs a successful restaurant, a moving company and a total of 7 Christmas tree lots in and around Los Angeles.

For more information or to donate directly to the Delancey Street Foundation call (323) 662-4888 or visit them on the web at