March 30, 2018
50 Years of Erewhon | A Love Letter to L.A. image

As we get closer to our Santa Monica opening on April 11th, we wanted to take a moment and reflect on the fifty years of passion that has made Erewhon the special place it is today.

Erewhon has been independent and family-owned in Los Angeles since 1968. We started as a specialty health food store, focusing on macrobiotics (which not many people were talking about back then). Today, Erewhon is a full-service organic grocery store and cafe. We are known for our 100% organic produce, coldpress and wild-crafted juices, chef-inspired dishes, and our Tonic Bar. We continue to forge the path when it comes to functional foods, adaptogens, herbs, and superfoods.

Erewhon is more than a store. It is a living, breathing community of like-minded people who are striving to be their very best. Curious, courageous and conscious…we keep evolving, because we are with you on the path to optimal health and wellness. You drive us to do better. You have the highest expectations for the brand. We are constantly improving to meet those expectations.

Transparency and innovation are so important to us, because of this partnership with you. We love sharing the stories behind the products we sell—where they come from, who made them, and how they are in line with the mission and environmental responsibility that inspires everything we do.

We are so grateful for the relationships we have made along the way—in the community, with our amazing teams, with our farmers and brand partners. We love the fact that founders, after toiling in solitude, trust us enough to be the first to sample their products. We love the fact that often our feedback allows these innovators to change their formulations to be more successful. Many brands got their start on our shelves and have built upon their vision: Addictive Wellness, Coconut Cult, Karma Bakery and GT Kombucha. It’s thrilling to watch these entrepreneurs continue to grow, yet remain true to their roots.

When you shop at Erewhon, you are supporting small and passionate businesses who are seeking a better way. When you shop at Erewhon, you are supporting organic farmers. When you shop at Erewhon, you are supporting education and exploration. When you shop at Erewhon, you are supporting a way of living and a way of life. We are so grateful to all of you.

Here’s to the next 50 years!

With love and appreciation,

Tony and Josephine Antoci