August 26, 2018

August is Women Owned Business Month at Erewhon. We gathered some of our favorite female entrepreneurs to share some insights into their journey. Sabine, founder of Rêves de Sabine is an amazingly talented woman whose line is handcrafted and completely focused on creating natural beauty from head to toe.

What inspired you to start this business?

The idea for “Rêves de Sabine” (Sabine’s Dreams”) was inspired by the unforgettable summers I spent in my youth on the island of ibiza. It was a place of beauty that encouraged a simpler way of life: our home was solar-powered and used exclusively rain water collected in a cistern. Our lifestyle was beautifully simple yet rich with nature’s abundance and a loving community.

It was there that I developed a passion for creating health and beauty treatments from local, natural ingredients.

A package designer for most of my career, I always yearned to shape what was INSIDE the package, not just what was on it.

Finally, in 2015, I set out to realize my dream and launched my own natural beauty line, Rêves de Sabine, fueled by the same inspiration I felt back in Ibiza.

What advice would you give to your teenage self?

Sometimes, you need to step outside, get some fresh air, and remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be.

As a female entrepreneur, what are the pros of being a woman in charge of your own business?

I rarely think in terms of gender. Being in charge of your own business means the freedom to make your own mark, to be authentic, and to allow your vision to guide your path.

As the artisan of a nature-inspired body care line, I want to run my business with mindfulness and adopt principles, policies and practices that minimize our environmental impact while caring about our customers and our community. I’m excited to announce that we are now Green Certified. This is only one of the many steps I am taking towards accountability, transparency, and setting high ethical standards for Rêves de Sabine. This is what it means to follow my dreams.

How does your product appeal to all different types of women?

I decided to create a line was worked for me first. I have always been very picky about quality, natural ingredients, as close to their original form as possible. I imagined there would be a tribe out there feeling the same way.

Name three things that guided you to success

Passion, determination, willingness to learn.

Describe your brand in 3 words

Botanical, Aromatic, Pure.

What does balance mean to you?

Balance means giving time and energy to the things that build me up and energize my life. Balance also means minimizing the things that bring me down or stress me out.

What three things can you not live without?

Love, nature, good food.

What is one piece of advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs?

Trust your inner voice. Not the voice of fear or apprehension or doubt. The one that makes you feel empowered, authentic and peaceful.

What’s your superpower?

I am strong enough to be vulnerable.

One wellness hack that everyone should know

Drink lemon water.

Where did your passion for health and beauty come from?

See first question…

What makes you feel beautiful?

Smelling great makes me feel beautiful. It says: “Come closer”.

Who are 3 inspirational women we should follow and why?

I believe we all have the ability and opportunity to inspire each other… And ourselves, in small and great ways… I am not much of a follower…

What is the title of your autobiography?

“Even Washing Machines”… I think this requires a bit of an explanation:

It is a joke going around, because I am passionate about EVERYTHING well made, because it matters… And that means, even washing machines…

What do you love about Erewhon? 🙂

I love the fact that Erewhon truly walks the walk, supports local artisans, and maintains the highest standards of quality. I love that Erewhon’s customer service is outstanding. I love that Erewhon cares about people.