August 19, 2018

We are turning the spotlight on some amazing women entrepreneurs in August! Gail Levy, founder of HFactor Water is a force to be reckoned with. She found her passion from a personal tragedy and since then she has taken the world by storm with her hydrogen-infused water.


What inspired you to start this business?  

A confluence of events- my best friend was battling cancer. I took her for many treatments of chemo and radiation, and watched with horror the ravages of the treatments on her body and psyche. She would always ask me to find something that would minimize the pain; unfortunately everything I researched seemed to be worthless.  Sadly, Lori lost the battle but many months later, a friend from LA who was a retired NBA player contacted me and asked me what I knew about molecular Hydrogen as he said there were many studies published on the efficacy of molecular hydrogen in health and wellness, particularly helpful for energy and recovery. I started to read the studies and the first study I came upon was a clinical trial on cancer patients and they were taking the chemo, cisplatin. That was the chemo Lori was on! At that moment I knew this was a destiny I had to pursue!

What advice would you give to your teenage self?

  1. Do not take life so seriously, have fun and smile
  2. Don’t be afraid to speak up and be yourself
  3. Can’t is not a possibility, you can do and be whatever you want
  4. Not every problem is the end of the world, no matter what the disappointments that come into your life; there is always a silver lining
  5. Don’t worry what friends think of you, it has no bearing on your future, as you will probably make better choices than many of your friends in school
  6. Be confident in yourself
  7. Eat Healthy
  8. Don’t judge a book by its cover, get to know the person from within
  9. If a relationship is toxic, move on and work harder on relationships that are meaningful and respectful and help you grow as a person.

As a female entrepreneur, what are the pros of being a woman in charge of your own business?

I think women have more empathy and passion. We can make more out of less. Multi tasking. Good networking skills.

Of course female intuition and emotional intelligence! Women are good collaborators. We encourage hiring more women and are more compassionate about other women’s needs at home and family.

How does your product appeal to all different types of women?

Molecular hydrogen is now attributed to helping over 150 disease models. Most importantly, it helps with energy and recovery and I think all of use could use that in our daily lives. It is totally natural only using pure water and pure hydrogen gas.

Name three things that guided you to success.

  1. Not following the rules
  2. Tenacity
  3. Not giving up

Describe your brand in 3 words.

Anti inflammatory. Recovery and energy. Hydrogen infused.

What does balance mean to you?

Feeling healthy, happy and fulfilled

What three things can you not live without?

Remembering to breathe, getting a good night’s sleep and of course, drinking HFactor 😉

What is one piece of advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs?

If you believe in something, put all your power behind it and don’t be afraid to pursue your dream.

What’s your superpower?


One wellness hack that everyone should know

Drink plenty of water (preferably HFactor) every day!

Where did your passion for health and beauty come from?

As a woman, I think it is in our DNA to have passion and interest in health and beauty. Life’s circumstances ended up steering the ship in that direction for me.

What makes you feel beautiful?

Being alive and looking at every day as a new experience and adventure.


Who are 3 inspirational women we should follow and why?  

It is hard to name just 3 as hundreds were pathfinders for our generation and generations to come. I’ll focus on those that are alive today…

Oprah Winfrey- she is fearless, tenacious, and has busted open many doors that were previously closed to women.

Gloria Steinem- She is fascinating and started the feminist movement in the 60”s and 70’s and is still passionate today.

Jane Goodall- champion of our history and the consummate environmentalist and set the stage for generations to come protecting animals and our environment

What is the title of your autobiography?

Can’t is not a possibility!

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