We care deeply about our world and the people in it.

We make the highest quality foods and products available so that our customers can lead the best possible lives. We support local organic farmers and growers and the environment, we partner with suppliers who share our concerns and values, and build community by providing the best foods possible. We recycle, reuse and minimize waste as much as possible, and act in ways that protect the resources of our planet. We believe that transparency from farm to table is crucial in supplying the highest quality products. We believe that to make the world a better place we must be our best selves. And we are building a team of passionate, committed individuals who each play a vital role in making Erewhon a special place and who are focused on creating a remarkable experience for our customers.


After more than 40 years in Los Angeles, Erewhon is very well known as the source of the healthiest and most nutrient-rich foods, and as the place to go for products that transform your body. Today, under new ownership, we are revitalizing relationships in our local community and building new ones. We don’t just want to sell the best foods, we want to inspire our customers and everyone in our neighborhood to take charge of their health, their lives and their environment.

We believe that as part of the local community we must support local causes that are important to our shoppers and neighbors. It is vital that we support those who suffer from food insecurity and we make it a priority to donate food to area food banks and shelters. We are partnering with local organizations and foundations that align with our values and that forward our mission of being a force for good on the planet. We support organizations  that take healthy foods to impoverished neighborhoods and that teach us how to eat right, how to grow our own food and how to live sustainably. Here are a few of our partners:

California Farm to Schools
Institute for Responsible Technology                                                                                                        NETIYA                                                                                                                                                                                                  Non-GMO Project