July 6, 2018

It was an easy commute for Sylvia Ortiz to chat with us for this "Meet the Maker" – she lives just a few minutes away from our Santa Monica store. We truly enjoyed learning more about how a mother's love turned into a thriving business and partnership! EREWHON: Tell us how... Read more

June 19, 2018

Just in time for Summer, here's the third seasonal recipe from the passionate and talented women from Kitchen Witch Bone Broth. If you missed their Spring and Winter posts, they are worth keeping handy! We can (and should) attend to gut health the whole year round. While in the warmer months... Read more

June 8, 2018

As part of our focus on Alzheimer's and brain health this month, we are happy to share this guest post from Suze Yalof Schwartz, founder of Unplug Meditation.* Be sure to check out our Instagram for this week's Fitness Friday giveaway for one month of unlimited sessions! Meditation has long been a... Read more

May 31, 2018

June is Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month here at Erewhon. In partnership with The Women's Alzheimer's Movement, Erewhon is a proud sponsor of Maria Shriver's Move For Minds event here in L.A. on June 9th. We already have learned so much about the prevention of Alzheimer's and look forward to... Read more

May 17, 2018

  We scratched the surface of the deep knowledge held by PAAVANI founders, Ayurvedic practitioners and friends, Leah Klatt & Trudy Collings. We look forward to speaking with them in the future as they share more of their expertise around Ayurvedic traditions. For now, we hope you will enjoy learning about... Read more