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Our Story

Since the late 1960s Erewhon has been uncompromising in the commitment to provide foods and products that change the lives of our customers.

We started out as pioneers in the natural foods industry, determined to help people eat better, and we created the model for the natural foods grocery. Today, we are still known and even revered, for staying true to our founding values and for making the health and wellbeing of our customers our paramount concern.

In 2011, Tony and Josephine Antoci purchased Erewhon. The Antocis have spent the last few years immersed in learning the pure foods industry and are committed to creating community, living sustainably and inspiring customers to have the highest standards in foods and products.

With the fresh energy of our new leaders Erewhon is thriving. Each day we strive to become even more deeply connected to our community. We are growing as a company, we are innovating and creating new products, and we are always seeking to provide the exceptional foods and nutritional items that our customers need to transform their lives.

In a world filled with millions of foods and products that are unhealthy for human beings and destructive to the planet, and whose production is purely for profit, we are working hard so that Erewhon is always an oasis of all that is good.