June 14, 2013
Not Ready for Summer? Eat Vegan image

Vegans eat only plants and plant-based foods and use only plant-based products. Unlike vegetarians who might still eat dairy, eggs, honey, gelatin, even seafood, vegans cut out all animal products. Period.

It’s a supremely healthy way to live and a vegan diet is often recommended for people coping with heart disease and other serious illnesses. Veganism is becoming increasingly popular, but there are still misconceptions about veganism and how it can work for you.

The key myth we need to debunk is that vegans don’t get enough protein. Well this is simply nonsense! All life on this planet is made up of proteins. You will find the most plant-based protein in quinoa, lentils and beans, tempeh and seitan, spirulina, nuts and seeds, whole grains, baked potatoes – even fruits and vegetables have protein. It’s not that vegans suffer from a lack of protein; it could well be that everyone else is getting way too much! Keep in mind that used-up proteins have to be cleared by the kidneys and plant-based proteins are easier to digest and process.

And eating vegan is easy. You don’t have to make some dramatic move and quit everything else cold-turkey. You can begin by adding more vegan foods into your diet. Try an oatmeal breakfast with almond milk and raisins. For lunch you can try a salad and pile on nuts, cranberries, and avocado. An easy vegan dinner could be curried tofu and vegetables on a bed of brown rice. And today, with the rise of vegan specialty stores there are plenty of delicious vegan desserts available. At the Erewhon café, we have our own vegan oatmeal cookies, vegan chocolate cake and other vegan treats as well as other vegan brands.

If you decide to try veganism, you don’t need to make any compromises with your vitamins and herbal supplements. VegLife is an entire line of vegan vitamins, a key issue for Vitamins B12 and D that are usually sourced from animal products. MegaFood also makes a Vegan B12 and Vegan Protect, a liver detox formula that combines vitamins and herbal remedies.

As you get ready for summer, eating vegan is the ideal diet to quickly get healthy and in shape.

Here’s a shopping list to get you started on a balanced vegan diet:

100% Organic Fruits and Veggies, especially broccoli, spinach, kale, carrots, turnips, squash, beets, and sweet potato

Seeds, Nuts, and Nut butters, such as pepitas, hazelnuts, almond butter, and cashew butter

Beans, like black beans, azuki beans, edamame, lentils, garbanzo beans, hummus, and daal

Organic Tofu, like our Nasoya, West Soy, and Wildwood brands of tofu

Tempeh and Seitan from West Soy

Miso, like the­­­ South River and Miso Master brands with mild, yellow, and red miso varieties

Brown Rice, Buckwheat, and Quinoa, all available in the bulk section, as well as measured packets

Soy milk, Rice milk, Almond milk, from Eden Soy and Soy Dream, Rice Dream, Almond Breeze, and So Delicious (a sugar-free almond milk!)

All of these products are available in-store, so visit us and get started on your healthy vegan diet, today!