April 15, 2015
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by Charis Nawrocki, Erewhon Nutrition Supervisor


In order to provide our customers with more resources, we had one of our nutrition supervisors give a first-hand account of her Metagenics ‘Clear Change’ Detoxification. The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Erewhon Company. We welcome our customers to come in and speak to our own naturopathic doctor, Dr. Whimsy Anderson, for more information. 


Just when I thought I was taking such great care of myself and feeling terrific enough already, the universe brought me a beautiful, healthful surprise – well actually, it was our Metagenics Rep Robin Wilson! The surprise was the Metagenics ‘Clear Change Detoxification Program’.

As an assistant supervisor of Nutrition here at Erewhon Natural Market, a wellness consultant/owner of MY 2 SENSE, and ex 3-time National Athlete, I thoroughly enjoy working with and helping so many people daily with the incredible 7,000+ Natural, Organic, and Homeopathic health and beauty products we carry. I’m also privileged to be working alongside, and mentored by, our staff Naturopath – Dr. Whimsy Anderson. Because of her presence in our department we are able to carry and offer some superior professional lines, Metagenics being one of them…

My experience with the Metagenics ‘Clear Change Detoxification Program’ was extremely satisfying and quite interesting day by day. I found that the ‘food choices’ portion of this 10-day program was easy for me, since I eat similarly to their detox guidelines. What threw me a bit were specific discomforts and changes inside my body as the program unfolded, just like the handbook describes may occur. For example:

-Day 1 was a bit tired and draggy without the caffeine

-Day 2 and 3 I did feel some of the mild muscle cramping and bit of heaviness inside my abdomen

-Day 5 through 8 did feel a bit dizzy if I over exerted myself physically

I didn’t imagine that I might experience any of them considering my health and physical condition, but it made me realize that in fact I was indeed just as good a candidate for this program, even with such ‘clean’ living and eating…What I also realized was that I absolutely had some truth to face, refreshing to do, and reconsiderations to make with regards to certain chemicals I’ve ingested over my 50 years of life that taxed my liver and adrenals – caffeine intake, artificial coffee creamers, alcohol, incense smoke inhalation, ibuprofen, Benadryl. The truth came out through my body’s response and it was quite an ‘Ah-ha’ moment. This was truly not clean living and eating, and long overdue for me. Totally grateful for this awakening!

Here’s the best part about my entire experience with Metagenics “Clear Change’ Detoxification Program: I FEEL REJUVENATED AND SUPER-CHARGED! I cannot get over how much MORE energy and mental clarity I have (starting Day 4 – to now)! I slept so soundly throughout and still do, I woke up fresh and alert and remained that way all day. I really feel the nourishing goods going through my body now like a virtual magnifying glass inside of me! Even Dr. Whimsy noticed my skin softer, my eyes whiter and brighter, my vibe even more upbeat than before! I’m glowing and euphoric squared! Way more than I was before this cleanse! (If you’ve met me in the store you know I’m like the energizer bunny most of the time!)

I’m aware that many tend to lose weight during/after this cleanse due to the caloric restrictions and the super hydration of it, even though that’s not what it’s for. Though I did lose about half an inch all over, this cleanse for me was more about chemicals and cortisol flushed than calories dropped. Quite an eye-opener for me –now that I’m reset I’m making even cleaner choices. I feel fabulous – not a drop of coffee or any chemical mentioned, or desire for it since! Sincere gratitude for the Metagenics team and the ‘Clear Change Detoxification Program’.

…and that’s MY 2 SENSE!

Charis Nawrocki
Nutrition Supervisor – Los Angeles



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