July 30, 2018


Our conversation with Frankie was just the summer inspiration we needed! Her brand, Coconut Girl is so SoCal! We really enjoyed learning more about her journey.

EREWHON: Tell us about the start of your company

FRANKIE: Coconut Girl was created out of my obsession with creating healthy alternatives to my favorite snack foods. I was fed up with all the healthy snack options out there claiming to be good for you, but were doing me more harm than good; causing me to gain weight and never feeling satisfied leaving me bloated and hungry. I was introduced to Paleo in 2010 when my CrossFit gym launched the Paleo challenge. I was completely addicted to dates at the time and smoothies. So I put two of my favorites treats together and made a date shake. Then I thought, why don’t I put this in my ice cream maker. And voila, my first version of paleo ice cream was created! I shared it at my gym and people started asking me if they could buy pints and it started to spread after that.

EREWHON: Were there any obstacles along the way?

FRANKIE: My biggest challenge is delivering the tastiest dessert that actually tastes good and is healthy for you. Perfecting the RIGHT balance of taste and consistency that my fans deserve is what I’ve obsessed over. So, because I’m obsessed with creating raving fans, each Coconut Girl flavor had dozens of iterations that my friends and family taste tested before ever selling.

My biggest culinary obstacle was having to think like a pastry chef. I graduated with a culinary degree with zero interest in making desserts. Baking is very precise and science-based which I hated! I love freestyle cooking and hated having to measure anything (I’m pretty sure it’s my natural tendency to rebel against rules and follow directions) so there was a lot of trial and error with having to teach myself how to make ice cream the right way. Fortunately, making a creme anglaise was the one thing I paid attention to making in my baking class.

My biggest personal obstacle was believing in myself and making this company happen with no partners, no business plan, just a passion for health and fitness. I let this brand grow organically and listened to my customers when it came to evolving my products from pints to our frozen cookie sandwiches. Being able to give ice cream lovers, who have been missing out on ice cream because of dairy or gluten restrictions, a dessert they can finally enjoy has given my company a purpose and beats any obstacle that comes my way.

Being a part of Erewhon has been a huge accomplishment and blessing for Coconut Girl and I am beyond grateful to be a part of this community. Everything you stand for and support aligns with Coconut Girl’s mission to bring good, quality, delicious food to more people. The Erewhon team and customers are all amazing and so open-minded when it comes to trying new products and supporting local companies.

EREWHON: Anything else you would like to share?

FRANKIE: Our delicious frozen cookie sandwiches are handcrafted in small batches in Los Angeles. We at Coconut Girl try our best to source majority of our ingredients from other local producers. So by supporting our brand, you’re also supporting the local suppliers we trust and love. Not only do we support other local makers, I love to support and empower other women. I wanted to create a company that provided a safe environment for other women to grow personally and professionally and is proud to call themselves a Coconut Girl.