May 14, 2014
Kombucha – tastes like medicine, but is it really? image

Kombucha– either ya love it or ya don’t. On my first try, I really really wanted to like it. Kombucha drinkers seem super-cool, fashion forward, and skinny. Ohhh, how I yearned to be a part of that inner circle! While I personally have yet to acquire a taste for it, I set out to discover whether it really is good medicine, or just tastes like it!

What is kombucha tea?
Kombucha is a sugared black tea fermented with acetic acid bacteria and yeasts for about 2 weeks.

What does the science say?
Studies have shown that kombucha has potent antioxidant, anti-stress and liver-protective properties. It can also help balance the immune system. Given the toxic load our livers are constantly working to filter, having some extra help is always a good thing!

The bottom line – bottoms up!!!: Kombucha does appear to have many proven health benefits. Either make your own from our ‘mother’ starter, or check out our bottled versions. Those with a compromised immune system are better off consuming a controlled commercial version.

Written by L.A.-based nutritionist, Vivian Kanchian
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