August 7, 2014
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by Vivian Kanchian


Before the days of modern medicine, doctors would prescribe water fasting for a variety of ailments, ranging from mild to severe.   So, what’s the modern day solution to detoxifying our bodies from an increasingly toxic world while still having the energy to fulfill our daily responsibilities?   Enter the juice fast! Erewhon’s 4-day Juice Detox package is a great introduction to juice fasting.  They spare you the hassle of peeling, chopping and clean-up, so all you have to do is drink up!

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While fiber is an important part of a regular diet, it has no place in a juice detox plan.   With a large majority of Americans suffering from digestive issues, juicing is a great way to bypass the digestive process by “pouring” nutrients directly into your bloodstream.  Giving your digestive system a rest will also redirect your body’s limited resources towards healing and repairing areas that previously may not have been receiving the attention they required.


Vegetables and low-sugar fruits are chock full of important nutrients.  Since many of us prefer not to have to eat 1-2lb. of raw vegetables per day, juicing can really come in handy.  How easy is it to get a full day’s servings of fruits and vegetables from a glass of juice?  Very!  Does this mean we shouldn’t eat plants with the fiber intact?  No!  Fiber IS important in keeping our arteries clean and for regularity, BUT it can also flush away important nutrients we want to hang onto!

When juicing outside of a detox plan, it is best to enjoy your juice on an empty stomach.  This means no solid food two hours before or after.


Calorie restriction has been linked to longevity

Researchers believe that a calorie restricted diet can increase a person’s quantity and quality of life.   Since most of us like to eat whenever and wherever we like, a twice yearly extended juice cleanse can put a nice dent in the number of calories we consume over a year.  Alternatively, you may choose to substitute a fresh pressed juice for one of your daily meals.  Yet another option is to have a once-per-week juice day.   To keep sugar intake at a minimum, try limiting your intake of fruit juices,   and reserve your sweeter juices for the daytime when you are at your most active.  It is important to note that detoxification does not begin until day 3 or 4, when your body runs out of the leftover fuel from the foods you’ve consumed.

Elimination diet to uncover food allergies –

In general, it is a good idea to ease your way into any fast by slowly eliminating animal foods, grains, and dairy over a period of about ten days.  The last two days should include only raw vegetables and low sugar fruits, after which you are ready to transition to juice-only.   When you’ve completed a juice fast, you may then reintroduce these foods one at a time to help determine which items you tolerate well and which ones you may want to omit from your diet altogether.


Vivian Kanchian is a Los Angeles based Nutritionist, specially certified in Alternative Nutrition.  She is a regular contributor to Erewhon’s blog.  You can also find her writing and connect at:

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