January 26, 2015
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Why choose Erewhon Brand of Supplements?

Erewhon understands that it is often difficult to decide which products and supplement brand can best help you achieve optimal health.  You rely upon Erewhon staff experience and high standards here at Erewhon Calabasas to help guide you.  After an extensive search, we choose a manufacturer making products we are proud to sell and promote.  They use the world’s best ingredients, produce innovative formulas and manufacture the Erewhon Brand with strict quality controls.  They do all this at affordable prices and a great value to you.

The World’s Most-Trusted Ingredients

The choice of ingredients in one of the most critical parts of making dietary supplements.  Fortunately, the Erewhon manufacturer has developed alliances with the world’s leading ingredient manufacturers.  Unlike most ingredient suppliers, these companies perform research to ensure the effectiveness of their ingredients.  And over 50 of these ingredients are protected by U.S. patents and trademarks.  Some of the most advanced ingredients include: Innovation Labs PureWay-C®, InterHealth ChromeMate® and OptiZinc®, Bergstrom OptiMSM®, and Kemin FloraGlo® Lutein.

In addition, Erewhon manufacturer has strong commitment to European herbal extracts because they are regulated more strictly and European manufacturers are required to use very sophisticated scientific methods and technology.

Highly Innovative Science-Based Products

Erewhon products stand out from the crowd because the development process is driven by innovation.   In many cases, Erewhon is the first brand to introduce a new emerging product.  Erewhon was among the first to introduce: Shelf Stable Probiotics, PureWay-C®, Enteric-Coated Omega-3s, CoQ10 in softgel, Vitamin K2, Vegetarian DHA, and many others.  Their development team continually searches for the latest discoveries and uses the information to carefully choose the right amount of each ingredient.

This has a significant advantage over competitors who use inadequate amounts to save money, which ultimately leads to an ineffective product and dissatisfaction.  Erewhon philosophy delivers the health benefits you expect.

Erewhon is GMP Certified

Erewhon manufacturer has been GMP Certified by NSF International and the National Product Association (NPA) and follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) throughout their entire company.

As part of GMPs, they use Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as step-by-step directions for conducting all manufacturing, including: R&D, product formulations, raw material testing, tablet and capsule manufacturing, packaging and even order processing and shipping.

Erewhon Products Are Laboratory Tested

Before the start of the manufacturing process, Erewhon raw materials undergo several lab tests to guarantee that we start with high quality materials.  Then, at the end, Erewhon finished products are tested by independent FDA inspected labs.  These tests evaluate the identity and potency of each product through: High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Gas Chromatography (GC), Spectrophotometric Analysis, Atomic Absorption and Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP).

Erewhon products are also tested for Disintegration to ensure that the products will dissolve properly in the body.

Erewhon Productsare Built on Transparency

Erewhon have a strong commitment to transparency.  Erewhon reveals the sources of their ingredients in a way that is simply not matched by other brands.  The source of the many ingredients is disclosed right on the label, and in Erewhon product literature.  We believe this kind of openness is critical for building and maintaining your trust.

We take pride in featuring Erewhon products that contain the most trusted ingredients in the world.  Erewhon products are highly innovative and scientifically formulated.  They are also made under GMPs and are independently lab tested.  We pride ourselves on their transparency and openness.  Many companies do not make all these commitments.  For these and other important reasons, we believe that the Erewhon brand of supplements has few rivals in the marketplace.

Made with an Eye on the Environment

Erewhon manufacturer is finding important ways to help protect the environment.  Among other steps, they have implemented a comprehensive energy efficiency and conservation program, utilizing a commercial recycling program, and using biodegradable packing materials.

These statements have not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.