February 28, 2014

Eat your sea vegetables

Xanthigen TM, a proprietary blend of brown seaweed extract and pomegranate seed oil (PSO) has been shown to effectively promote weight loss, while inhibiting many of the undesirable side effects that come along with it. ≥2.4mg of fucoxanthin, a carotenoid from brown seaweed is thought to aid weight loss by boosting the body’s resting energy expenditure, and reducing its tendency to create new fat cells. Specifically, it suppresses the production of white fat cells that are known to promote belly fat. 200mg+ of PSO further enhances this effect. Fucoxanthin’s unique omega-3 makeup packs an extra punch by decreasing inflammatory processes linked to Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, , non alcohol related fatty liver disease, and high cholesterol.

And if that’s not enough …. the carotenoids in Xanthigen have other beneficial health effects including immune modulating properties, anti-carcinogenic activity, and pro-vitamin A activity.

You can feel good about taking Xanthigen, too. It’s both vegan, AND sustainable. Fucoxanthin is one of the most abundant sources of carotenoids found in nature!

Written by L.A.-based nutritionist, Vivian Kanchian
Contributing writer for