April 22, 2015
Crosby’s GingerSpice Colostrum Ice Cream image

Crosby’s GingerSpice Colostrum Ice Cream is the newest superfood addition at the Erewhon Tonic Bar, and if your a fan of guilt-free dessert with a touch of ginger then its time to get excited! Crosby’s ice cream has the perfect balance of protein, good fats, fiber, and a metabolic kickstart to enhance your digestion while eating this icy concoction.


Who is Crosby Tailor?

Since moving to Los Angeles 6 years ago, Crosby Tailor has been a daily customer of Erewhon. Eventually he was employed behind the Tonic Bar where he perfected his vitamix ice cream making craft. After Erewhon, Crosby started consulting on nutrition, health, and wellness while developing a clientele basis of high profile celebs and health enthusiasts. Crosby works with some of the leading experts in health, including being an ambassador for Dave Asprey and his brand Bulletproof.

Crosby has become an ambassador for several other health brands due to his knowledge and social media outreach, but now most of his time goes into his own company that he created called Cookie Genius – “Eat Dessert Burn Fat.” He has created a line of sugar-free, gluten-free, and grain-free, fat -burning, metabolism boosting, brain-charging desserts. These range from baked goods like cookies, cupcakes, donuts, and pancakes to ice creams and chocolates.

With everything Crosby has going on in the health community, we were excited to team up and create something for our customers at the Tonic Bar that had Crosby’s spin on it. Collaborating with our store manager, we let him throw together an ice cream that not only tastes amazing, but has health benefits through the roof!


Health Benefits

Here are some of the ingredients and the benefits behind having them woven into this superfood ice cream:

  • Colostrum– Build, repair, strengthen, restore:
    • the hormonal system back to levels associated with youth #antiaging
    • the immune system to its top fighting form #thymusenhancement
    • the digestive system to its optimal function #guthealth #gutflora
    • provides the body with every basic nutrient known #superfood
    • very anabolic- IGF1 for lean muscles preserving, fat burning effects


  • Prebiotics– Chicory root from Body Ecology EcoBloom
    • enhance immune system
    • food to feed good bacteria in your gut
    • fight constipation
    • relieve stress
    • improve liver function


  • Cold Pressed Ginger
    • anti-inflammatory
    • digestive enhancement/kickstart
    • aphrodisiac


  • Astragalus
    • boosts immune system
    • warming tonic which helps to balance the coldness of the ice cream for optimal digestion
    • strengthens the spleen to counteract any negative effects the coldness or sweetness of the ice cream has on the spleen


  • MCT OIL– Bulletproof XCT oil
    • fast converting energy for the brain and cells
    • thermogenic-enhances fat burning effects
    • candida killing-full of caprylic acid to fight overgrowth of bad bacteria


So I can eat Ice Cream AND Burn Fat?

Crosby’s GingerSpice Colostrum Ice Cream is a guiltless powerhouse that will satisfy your sweet lovin‘ tastebuds. The best part is that not only are people saying its delicious, but they are walking away saying how good they feel too.

Next time you stop by Erewhon Market, drop on by the Tonic Bar to see what all the excitement is about!


Crosby Tailor is currently in the process of scaling his cookies out to be able to supply the local grassroot health stores, Erewhon being one of the first. As well as developing a recipe book, Crosby is creating a dry mix so that his global fan base can create his delectable bites at home.

To keep an eye out for more Crosby Tailor inventions, follow him on Instagram: @crosbytailor

To order Crosby’s cookies check out his website