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Cafe 1-2

Our organic cafe sets the standard in clean and pure food.

The Erewhon kitchen is bursting with tasty organic dishes all made from carefully selected, pure whole foods with no additives, and produce that is local and seasonal. You can choose from heaps of fresh green, lemon-drizzled kale salad, mounds of roasted root vegetables, slices of tender, grilled salmon, rustic breads, tasty homemade soups, sides of creamy hummus, silky yet chunky guacamole and so much more.

We are particularly excited about our new line of raw dishes prepared with extra love, including Zucchini pasta, mock tuna salad, pad thai, garlic herb nut cheese, kale pesto pasta, pistachio tartlette, cashew nut cheese. Could super-healthy food really taste this good! And we have organic coffees, teas and pastries. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at one of our café tables or take it home for a truly special meal.


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