Here’s a warm and welcoming recipe from Jamie and Nicole, co-founders of Countertop Foods. This bowl of goodness is not only simple to make, but is packed with anti-inflammatory powers, is sure to soothe your gut after your Thanksgiving feasting, and will help your digestion with spices like turmeric, cumin, black pepper and cardamom.

Nicole: Ramen is most popular food around the world, 100 billion units were sold in 2012. It is a food that almost everyone eats, and there are ramen bars are everywhere. We love to make ramen and always have some on hand, but the seasoning packets aren’t always the best. We make a quick and easy broth with just vegetables, Golden Butter, and boiled water. This is an easy 1-2 person dinner, depending on how many bags you get. You can even get just the noodles and save on the seasoning bags, (available at Erewhon).


2 cups of water

1 tbsp of Countertop Golden Butter & 1tsp of Countertop Grill Blend

1 organic green onion, chopped up (both white and green parts)

1 organic carrot, peeled and grated

Chili (optional)

Organic Soy sauce or Tamari (optional)

Pack of ramen noodles



In 2 cups of water, add 1 tbsp of Countertop Golden Butter and 1tsp of Countertop Grill Blend

Add in onions, carrots, chili (optional for spice), soy sauce (optional for salt).

Bring to a boil to make broth, (this will replace the bag of seasoning that may come with your ramen packet)

Put ramen noodles in and cook for 2 minutes

Top with fried egg, avocado, chili, fresh herbs, vegetables, and a squeeze of lemon

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We are so grateful to Dr. Colette Widrin for sharing her expertise in the field of Chinese Medicine. This time, she is focusing on the first four cycles of jing. Jing is essentially your essence…it’s what makes you, you. In this article, Dr. Colette explains the first cycles of jing: growth.

All living beings experience two main phases in life: one of growth, and another one of decline. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, these phases are experienced as cycles of Jing, composed of either seven cycles of seven years each (for women) or eight cycles of eight years each (for men).

What is Jing?

Most terms in Traditional Chinese Medicine cannot be easily translated into English. When a “word” is directly translated from Chinese to English, it often loses significant depth and meaning. For this reason, even when putting TCM philosophy into practice in an English-speaking context, the Chinese words remain.

Such is the case for two essential topics in TCM: qi and jing. Qi is interpreted as the “vital energy”, or “life force” that flows through us and connects and binds us to each other and the rest of the universe. When we are in a healthy state, our qi is balanced.

The jing is the essence and source of qi. The Jing cycles help to guide us in knowing how to care for ourselves in each stage of life to extend our vitality. We must conserve our jing to ensure vitality throughout life. The cycles of Jing begin at birth, and continue to the end of life.

The Growth Cycles of Jing

The first four cycles of Jing are predominantly cycles of growth. For women, the first cycle is jing is complete at age 7. The second cycle of growth is completed at age 14, when menstruation sets in.  These first two stages of jing are still characterized by immaturity. The third and fourth cycles of jing, from 21 to 35, are the peak of vitality for most women.

For men, the jing cycles are based on 8-year rather than 7-year cycles. The first cycle of jing in men completes at age 8, when the permanent teeth come in and the kidney meridian system energy is strong. The second cycle, starting at age 16, is similar to that of women in that they show signs of fertility (sperm production, in this case), but are still immature. In the fourth cycle of jing for men (age 32), the final stage of growth, men have strong muscles and are at the peak of their physical condition.

After these four cycles, we enter stages of decline.

How Can We Make the Most Out of the First Four Cycles of Jing?

It is important to know that the state of our vitality in the latter cycles of jing depends on how well we took care of ourselves during the stages of growth. We must conserve our jing in each stage, and not take our youthfulness for granted.

For men and women, the egg and sperm are a physical manifestation of our jing. Women must take care of themselves after their menstrual cycles and postpartum to recover balance in qi after each event.

Secondly, integrate diet, exercise, and medicinal herbs, when needed, into your lifestyle. They are key elements that aid in preserving jing.

Thirdly, we must control both acute and chronic stress levels, as these cause our jing to leak out quickly. This can be done by avoiding long-term overworking, developing a meditation practice and allocating a portion of your week to activities that nourish your soul.

Going through the cycles of jing is a normal part of life. All humans, regardless of their levels of vitality will experience cycles of growth, and then of decline. However, our vitality and balance in all cycles of jing will depend on how well we are able to care for ourselves through diet and herbs, exercise, controlling stress levels, and making decisions that promote optimal health.

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Big thanks to the lovely ladies at Kitchen Witch Bone broth. They’ve shared seasonal recipes for winter, spring, summer and now fall. This one is all about building your immunity. 

We all feel it, even here in LA – that slight chill in the evening air, a little more bluster through the trees, the sneaking desire to make a soup and bundle up.

Fall is coming. This is THE time to build your immunity against the cold and flu season bugs, rather than waiting till you see your coworkers and friends get taken down one by one. Immunity is all about being prepared, well in advance – and that (in Chinese medicine) means stoking your system in the Indian Summer, as the warm months come to a close. This type of immunity building is different than what we do come deep winter (or flu season) where we actively PUSHHHHH those bugs away. This Fall-time immunity is about fortifying your castle, ensuring full stores, and checking all systems.

Food, and especially superfood, is a major ally here. Bone broth, medicinal mushrooms, warm potent spices, and seasonally appropriate veggies signal the shift in your body, while providing the exact it the tools it needs for seasonal fortification. As always, the trick with superfoods is to be consistent, and make a routine of it. Broth Season is here folks, spice it up, make it your own, and protect yo-selves!

The following recipes are engineered with all of the above in mind – and of course the signature Kitchen Witch tate bombs for your tongue-buds! Our ‘Warm Glow’ is the perfected version of every ginger-turmeric-carrot-winter squash soup you’ve ever seen. Roasted Kabocha changes the game here, be sure to get it nice and toasty.

The ‘Pro-tec-Tonic’ brings all kinds of powerful fall players into your favorite mug – from Chaga to Chai, to real almond milk, all laced with gut protective bone broth. Cheers friends!


WARM GLOW, a smooth soup

Build your glow from the inside. This quintessential fall squash soup recipe is ELEVATED by soup-er foods, bone broth, and a whole range of incredible toppings – coconut yogurt is a must!

2 medium yellow onions, sliced

1 medium kabocha squash, peel ON, sliced into wedges

1lb carrots, chopped into small chunks for quick cooking

1 can coconut cream

2” fresh ginger, sliced, use your judgement! How spicy do you want it?

1-3 TB Turmeric, to taste and color (Simply Organic)

1-2 tsp Cinnamon, to taste (Simply Organic)

⅛-½ tsp Cardamon, optional, to taste (Simply Organic)

⅛-½ tsp Nutmeg, optional, fresh is best!

2 jars Kitchen Witch Bone Broth (we use chicken, but any will do)

Fresh Water

Cooking fat, we love GHEE for this (Ancient Organics)

Salt and Black Pepper!

Heat oven to 375, and toss your kabocha with some cooking fat- ghee, coconut oil, or avocado oil are all great here. Roast those till golden brown, about 20-25 mins, no need to turn unless you want to get fancy with them. As they roast, prep and cook the rest of the soup.

In a large soup pot, heat 2-3TB ghee on medium, and saute the onions. You are looking for translucent and just the beginnings of browning. Once there, add your ginger and dry spices and stir, taking whiffs as they become aromatic. Add a big pinch each,  salt and pepper, layering in flavor. Then, add your coconut cream, and bring to a simmer.

Allow to simmer for 3 mins, then add your carrots, broth, and enough water to cover veggies by about 1-2”. Turn up the heat, bring to a simmer, and cover. Simmer gently till the carrots are tender, about 12-15 mins. Add the kabocha, perhaps adding more water or bone broth to once again cover your veggies. Bring back to a simmer, then turn off the heat.

If you have an immersion blender, use that, though it won’t get quite as smooth. If using a stand up blender (hello Vitamix, for the world’s creamiest soup) blend in batches till smooth, dumping into a large bowl or pot as you go. Once all blended, stir to homogenize. Serve w/scoop of coconut yogurt, and Moon Juice Herb and Cheese Crisps, lovely alongside a simple arugula salad. This soup freezes incredibly well in an empty Kitchen Witch jar! Jar it up!

Kitchen Witch’s Favorite Toppings

  • Living Cultures Superfoods Coconut Yogurt
  • Moon Juice Herb & Cheese Crisps, crumbled on top or dipped
  • GoRaw! Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds
  • Sauteed Shiitake Mushrooms
  • Shaved Fennel or Radish
  • 4th & Heart Garlic Ghee, a melted dollop, oh my!


Protect-Tonic: A Fall Immunity Drink 

At Kitchen Witch we have always advocated for using a good bone broth as a base for an outstanding, maybe even outrageous, broth tonic. Of course our broth can stand on its own – and, just like any good party, it truly comes alive when adding some friends. Added benefits; making your broth into a tonic, with some good fats, allows your body to more easily absorb and uptake all the broth, spices, adaptogens, etc. this tonic has to offer. The Pro-tec-Tonic is the epitome of adaptogenic, immune protective, and gut restorative greatness. Make this, even if it sounds a little weird to you. Promise you won’t regret it.

1 cup Kitchen Witch Broth (chicken, beef, or almost veggie)

1-2 tsp Hybrid Herbs Chaga powder

⅓ cup Three Trees Almond Milk

1tsp-1TB Ancient Organics Ghee

Blue Lotus Chai powder, we love the Rooibos Chai but all flavors are AMAZING, ½ tsp or more, we like it spicy!

Heat broth and alternative ‘milk’ to a simmer, then add to a blender or jar with all other ingredients. Blend or shake till frothy. Pour into your favorite mug, sit down, take a whiff, sip, and soothe yourself from the inside out.


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We can honestly say this month’s campaign is one of our favorites. We are sharing a number of interviews with some of our favorite female entrepreneurs. Jenefer Palmer, founder of OSEA, took her passion for healing and her love for the ocean and turned it into a line of seaweed-based vegan skin care items.

What inspired you to start this business?

In the 80’s, I was a spa director. For the life of me, I couldn’t find natural skincare products for our clients–so I decided to formulate my own! I started by making hydrating oil blends and seaweed wraps infused with essential oils. This quickly translated into a full fledged seaweed-based skin care business that is now OSEA.

What advice would you give to your teenage self?

Wear a wide brimmed hat and stay out of the sun.

As a female entrepreneur, what are the pros of being a woman in charge of your own business?

I am the Creative Director and formulator of OSEA products. As a woman, it’s empowering to be able to not only dream up a product but play an essential role in its creation as well.

How does your product appeal to all different types of women?

Our product appeals to women from various demographics, including vegans, health conscious individuals, yoginis, and most of all those that are looking for non-toxic luxury skincare.

Name three things that guided you to success.

Studying cosmetic chemistry

Researching the latest plant-based ingredients


Describe your brand in 3 words.

Active. Vegan. Skincare.

What does balance mean to you?

Balance for me is about slowing down and nurturing my health while working in a fast-paced and ever expanding wellness industry.

What three things can you not live without?

Cast Iron Skillet, Bathrobe, Espresso

What is one piece of advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs?

Find a mentor–or many mentors in your field. When I started my business in the 80’s, I was lucky to live in Malibu at a time when alternative healing arts were burgeoning. As a Cranial Sacral Therapist I surrounded myself with a community of well-known healing practitioners who inspired and mentored me in growing my company in the most effective and healthy way possible.

What’s your superpower?

Blending plant-based concoctions for the skin and making vegan waffles.

One wellness hack that everyone should know

If you’re not drinking a ton of water by now, you’re either dead or not paying attention.

Where did your passion for health and beauty come from?

My passion for health and beauty was pretty much indoctrinated in me from birth. I come from a long line of women healers. I would say that I was most inspired by my grandmother, Elsa Reuschle, one the first female chiropractors in the US and the person who introduced me to the healing powers of seaweed.

What makes you feel beautiful?

A cranial touch OSEA facial. It makes me feel beautiful because I end up in a Zen state with glowing, dewy skin.

Who are 3 inspirational women we should follow and why?

1) Sylvia Earle – American Oceanographer and founder of @mission_blue, an organization to protect our oceans.

2) Koya Webb – @koyawebb – Holistic Health Coach

3) Caitlin Shoemaker – @frommybowl – Vegan Recipe Developer

What is the title of your autobiography?

The Accidental Entrepreneur.

What do you love about Erewhon 🙂

I’m addicted to Erewhon’s vegan probiotic coconut yogurt. It’s the best $25 you’ll ever spend on food.

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August is Women Owned Business Month at Erewhon. We gathered some of our favorite female entrepreneurs to share some insights into their journey. Sabine, founder of Rêves de Sabine is an amazingly talented woman whose line is handcrafted and completely focused on creating natural beauty from head to toe.

What inspired you to start this business?

The idea for “Rêves de Sabine” (Sabine’s Dreams”) was inspired by the unforgettable summers I spent in my youth on the island of ibiza. It was a place of beauty that encouraged a simpler way of life: our home was solar-powered and used exclusively rain water collected in a cistern. Our lifestyle was beautifully simple yet rich with nature’s abundance and a loving community.

It was there that I developed a passion for creating health and beauty treatments from local, natural ingredients.

A package designer for most of my career, I always yearned to shape what was INSIDE the package, not just what was on it.

Finally, in 2015, I set out to realize my dream and launched my own natural beauty line, Rêves de Sabine, fueled by the same inspiration I felt back in Ibiza.

What advice would you give to your teenage self?

Sometimes, you need to step outside, get some fresh air, and remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be.

As a female entrepreneur, what are the pros of being a woman in charge of your own business?

I rarely think in terms of gender. Being in charge of your own business means the freedom to make your own mark, to be authentic, and to allow your vision to guide your path.

As the artisan of a nature-inspired body care line, I want to run my business with mindfulness and adopt principles, policies and practices that minimize our environmental impact while caring about our customers and our community. I’m excited to announce that we are now Green Certified. This is only one of the many steps I am taking towards accountability, transparency, and setting high ethical standards for Rêves de Sabine. This is what it means to follow my dreams.

How does your product appeal to all different types of women?

I decided to create a line was worked for me first. I have always been very picky about quality, natural ingredients, as close to their original form as possible. I imagined there would be a tribe out there feeling the same way.

Name three things that guided you to success

Passion, determination, willingness to learn.

Describe your brand in 3 words

Botanical, Aromatic, Pure.

What does balance mean to you?

Balance means giving time and energy to the things that build me up and energize my life. Balance also means minimizing the things that bring me down or stress me out.

What three things can you not live without?

Love, nature, good food.

What is one piece of advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs?

Trust your inner voice. Not the voice of fear or apprehension or doubt. The one that makes you feel empowered, authentic and peaceful.

What’s your superpower?

I am strong enough to be vulnerable.

One wellness hack that everyone should know

Drink lemon water.

Where did your passion for health and beauty come from?

See first question…

What makes you feel beautiful?

Smelling great makes me feel beautiful. It says: “Come closer”.

Who are 3 inspirational women we should follow and why?

I believe we all have the ability and opportunity to inspire each other… And ourselves, in small and great ways… I am not much of a follower…

What is the title of your autobiography?

“Even Washing Machines”… I think this requires a bit of an explanation:

It is a joke going around, because I am passionate about EVERYTHING well made, because it matters… And that means, even washing machines…

What do you love about Erewhon? 🙂

I love the fact that Erewhon truly walks the walk, supports local artisans, and maintains the highest standards of quality. I love that Erewhon’s customer service is outstanding. I love that Erewhon cares about people.

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    Erewhon started as a specialty health food store, focusing on macrobiotics and were widely recognized as pioneers in the space. Today, Erewhon continues to forge the path when it comes to functional foods, adaptogens, herbs, CBD, and superfoods.